The AoD February Stock Taking Poll

Just over half way through February and we’re right in the weeds of the rugby season (except for the SH who are far in front/behind, as usual). How’s it going for you?

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SupeRugby 2019 AUS Conference Preview

And now, last, but… what about the Australian SupeRugby Conference? Here’s Utnapistm with his predictions of how the four Oz (and one Japanese) teams will fare.

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SupeRugby 2019 SA Conference Preview

On Sunday we looked (humbly, of course) at the Pinnacle: now it’s time for Real SupeRugby, with Deebee’s review of the South African Conference.

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SupeRugby 2109 NZ Conference Preview

Never mind all this Northern Hemisphere nonsense. Time for proper Upside Down Rugby. Avsfan starts the SupeRugby action with the Kiwi Conference Preview.

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2019 Six Nations Preview: Round 2

Have you recovered from Round 1 yet? Good. Then it’s time to settle down and let UtilityForward explain what’s going to happen in the 2019 Six Nations Round 2.

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2019 Six Nations Round 1 Poll

Well, that’s the first round over, and Scotland are on top of the world, as is only right and proper. Time to pick the AoD Team of the Tournament.

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2019 Six Nations Preview: Round 1

It’s here… The 2019 edition of the Six ‘Ireland’s To Lose’ Nations begins tonight. Let Dab talk you through what’s going to happen in the first round.

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2019 Six Nations Preview: Ireland

Who else could we end our series of Six Nations Previews with but Our New Green Overlords? Piperboy charts Ireland’s path to glory — or not….

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2019 Six Nations Preview: Wales

Only a week to go till kick-off and excitement is building in the Land of Our Fathers. Utnapistm looks at Wales’s chances.

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2019 Six Nations Preview: Scotland

So, we’ve done the no-hopers: now it’s time to look at those really in with a shout in this year’s Six Nations. Here’s Chekhovian to talk up the chances of Scotland.

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