Club Rugby Round 19 or 20 or 22

More end of poolery for the Northern Hemisphere this week, with only a couple of weeks left to get through to the playoffs. Whom can you watch, where?

Club Rugby Round 19 (or 20 (or 22))

Proper Club Rugby — Belper Rugby Club, Derbyshire

Gallagher Premiership R19

Four games left and Exeter (76pts) are 32 points ahead of the fifth place team (Sale with 44pts), so they (Exeter, not Sale, despite this being an outrage) are already guaranteed a play-off spot even if they don’t get a single extra point from now on, and it’s the same for Saracens (67pts). So that leaves only two places available, and here it’s a lot less certain. Five teams are within seven points of fourth-placed Harlequins (49pts) and even Gloucester (55pts) aren’t out of the woods yet — their Saturday home clash against Bath (6th, 44pts) feels important.

Similarly, it won’t help the chances of 8th placed Wasps (42pts) if they can’t beat Exeter away on Sunday.

At the bottom of the table, only eight points separate Bristol (37pts) from Newcastle (29pts). That makes Friday’s Newcastle v Leicester (34pts) match a must-watch for fans of relegation-induced fear.

Pro 14 R20

Only two games left in the Pro 14, which does things differently…

Glasgow (71pts) and Munster (68pts) are safe at the top of Conference A, as is Leinster in Conference B (74pts). In A, Connacht (56pts), Cardiff (52pts) and Ospreys (49pts) all have a mathematical chance of grabbing the 3rd qualification spot. It’s tighter in B, because two spots are available to be shared by Ulster (54pts), Treviso (52pts), Edinburgh (51pts) and (very outsidely) Scarlets (45pts).

Two games therefore stand out as crucial for the final placings: Edinburgh v Ulster (Fri), and Connacht v Cardiff on Saturday. A Connacht win means they’ve qualified and Cardiff haven’t. End of. If Cardiff win, it’s open for another week. Not quite so clear-cut in B: we know that a win for Ulster means they’re through (in 2nd or 3rd) and Edinburgh will need to rely on others. The other way round — well that’s for next week.

Finally, Leinster v Glasgow on Saturday also attracts as who doesn’t want to watch a top of the tables clash?

Top 14 R22

Four—yes, four—weeks left in the Top14. Toulouse are still top (76pts), followed by Clermont (71pts), Lyon (60pts) and Racing (58pts). The only televised match is on Saturday between Bordeaux (6th, 56pts) and Castres (5th, 58pts), when one or both or neither of these teams will win.

Weekend TV Fixtures

Channels in bold are free to air.

Friday 12th April

08:35 Crusaders v Rebels, SR (Sky Sports Action)
10:45 Rebels v Stormers, SR (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
18:00 Treviso v Munster, Pro14 (Free Sports)
19:35 Edinburgh v Ulster, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
19:35 Southern Kings v Ospreys, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
19:45 Newcastle v Leicester, GPR (BT Sport 1)

Saturday 13th April

02:00 IRB Sevens Singapore (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
08:35 Chiefs v Blues, SR (Sky Sports Action)
10:45 Brumbies v Lions, SR (Sky Sports Action)
12:00 England U18 v Wales U18, 6NU18 (Free Sports)
13:45 Bordeaux v Castres, Top14 (Sky Sports Arena)
14:05 Sharks v Los Jaguares, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
14:30 Ireland U18 v France U18, 6NU18 (Free Sports)
15:00 Gloucester v Bath, GPR (BT Sport 3, Channel 5)
15:00 Leinster v Glasgow, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
16:15 Bulls v Reds, SR (Sky Sports Action)
17:00 Scotland U18 v Italy U18, 6NU18 (Free Sports)
17:15 Scarlets v Zebre, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
17:30 Bridgend v Llanelli, Principality Premiership (BBC 2 Wales / red button)
18:35 Cheetahs v Dragons, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
19:35 Connacht v Cardiff, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2, TG4)

Sunday 14th April

01:45 IRB Sevens Singapore (Sky Sports Action / Main Event)
15:00 Exeter v Wasps, GPR (BT Sport 1)

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  1. @Tichtheid>

    I thought the last season of GoT was the weakest by far – some silly plot lines, lots of medieval teleporting around the place. Felt like they were trying to shoehorn stuff in.

    I’m a big fan of the show, despite its… unevenness

  2. @Dr Claws Cat>

    I’d speak to the boss asap and outline that you’ve effectively been doing the job for x months and that you expect to get it.

    That’s an absolute arse of a position.

  3. @Craigsman>

    It’s just so boneheaded. Half the problem here is that we have far too many upper management. I can’t see how stripping a load of stuff out of my JD to put in another manager helps that.

  4. @CJ>

    She told me on Friday and encouraged me to apply, she made it sound like there was going to be more fundraising- there isn’t any at all that I can see. It’s a big salary jump, which sort of pisses me off too as this is basically what I’m doing already.

  5. @CJ>

    Some lovely set pieces, mind. The détente in the dragon pit was superb.

    It’s a better show when it focuses on the smaller-scale interpersonal clashes, rather than the flashier, effects-driven scenes. The Battle of the Bastards was astounding TV, but the best bits of the entire show run have been Littlefinger/Varys/Tyrion/Tywin expounding on the meaning of power, or Jaime having his mental breakdown in front of Brienne, or Jon sparring with Ser Davos and Tormund.

  6. @Chekhovian>

    They could have done the expedition north better in season 7.

    Otherwise littlefinger was at moat caitlin already before the battle of the bastards.

    Sand snakes were pointless though.

  7. @Tichtheid>

    It’s actually why I thought the books were worth persevering with, and why I stuck with the series. Plenty of other things to enjoy of course, but it’s the realistic politics which makes GoT far more interesting than most fantasy.

  8. @Dr Claws Cat>

    There was one episode where it was pinter-esque script with about 6 characters inna box.

    set on an abandoned/marooned tourist train/bus-type contraption… yeah, quite tight and disturbing

  9. This one is for OT.

  10. and while I’m here … in more mundane rugby matters – took a bunch of U11 to the “Neville Furlong Rugby Festival” at Garryowen FC on Sat… always interesting to visit the home of one of world rugby’s famous names.

    They got 6 games – 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats – no blow outs so credit to Garryowen on getting the levels right.

    As ever with that age group – they played some stuff and you think “will they ever get it..?” Then next play there’s a brilliant ruck clearout, quick recycle and it goes through several sets of hands for a try in the corner….

    The big problem is that they don’t get as much of a thrill from that sort of try as the one where someone jinks past 4 defenders or where your one big lad knocks everyone over like skittles – but we’ll get there…

  11. @Fd>

    What’s wrong with it?

    Although I think he might be right here. Product failed for whatever reason. Fix problem, change name and launch as new product.

  12. @Dr Claws Cat>

    add great new features ( like not crashing?).

    Also the fact that he sees deaths in terms of rebranding is a bit sick. But I suppose you’re in marketing so it seems natural to you.

  13. @Fd>

    President’s know all about ‘branding’. He’s basically made himself into a product.

    President T-Mac & Fries.

  14. @Craigsman>

    Not rebranding though.
    Also the idea that he would fix a product and add great new features is a bit laughable. Declare bankruptcy and leave others carry the can is more likely.

  15. @Fd>

    I’m not saying he’d do a good job, he bankrupted a casino, ffs.

    I am saying that say, hypothetically, Boeing fix the plane. They still need to sell planes to airlines. I doubt many airlines are going to be hugely happy with buying something known to be flawed. If they want to sell it, they’re probably going to need it not to be associated with being safety risk.

    It’s not even being cynical, it’s a statement of the obvious.

  16. I’m also not surprised this is his line of thinking when it comes to a tragedy like a plane crash. He’s seeing it as purely a business issue with no human cost at all, and would have been better served to not say a fucking word.

    However, if he’s treating it as a business issue, then he is essentially right.

    I’m not convinced he understands anything beyond “business”.

  17. @Fd>

    Well, yeah. But he did get a lovely private jet from the Bankruptcy fire sale.

    I don’t get why he’s raising this, to be honest. It’s insensitive (at the very generous end), and it opens him up to all sorts of remarks like yours and so on. Forfuckssakes, he managed to bankrupt a STEAK company in ‘Merica. That should be impossible.

    But onna business level, this is probably exactly what Boeing are going to do.

  18. @Dr Claws Cat>

    Though it probably isn’t all that important. Presumably the airlines don’t care that much about the name of the plane. They’re high enough information consumers that it will be the substantive stuff that matters.

    Maybe people buying tickets do, but when was the last time you checked what type of plane you were flying before just buying the cheapest flight or the one which got you the most miles?

  19. @Fd>

    I was thinking that from the airline’s pov, they see it as a risk to sell tickets to mostly uninformed general public if they’re running a DeathPlane™- even a fixed one.

    Renaming it will cost nothing compared to the amount they’ll need to spend to actually fix the issue, so they’ll do it.

  20. @Fd>

    Make an algorithm.

    (I once wrote the software for a medical scanner and in my first pitch I had “algorithm (to be written)” in the space where basically the whole solution should be. Put a cute little tortoise (I had just read Small Gods) in the diagrams.
    Waffled a bit about pseudo code and got the gig.)

  21. D-Mac out for 9 months with a torn ACL. On the bright side, hopefully that means Bin Smuth will play FB.

  22. I’m a little puzzled as to how this happened considering the team that Deebee actually supports lost to an Australian side.

  23. @CJ>

    While you’re helping me out I’m not sure how to interpret Tiger Woods win.
    It’s an impressive story that a chronically injured 43 year old drug addict with a fused spine won a major tournament. But this is undermined by the fact that it is sport where a chronically injured 43 year old drug addict with a fused spine can win a major tournament.

  24. @Fd>

    While you’re helping me out I’m not sure how to interpret Tiger Woods win.

    Success for the little guy?

  25. @Fd>

    Golf is inna mind.
    On the last nine, as the pressure cranked up – Tigger went to one shot – his most reliable natural shot.
    Played everything with fade/cut regardless of the wind and shape of the course.
    Faldo did something similar years ago – just went to his one reliable shot and ground his way to the end.

  26. @sagmog>

    So you are saying that there is nothing wrong with considering a chronically injured man in his 40s with a fondness for prescription pain killers a world class sports person?

  27. @Fd>

    Speaking as a forty-something chronically injured musician off his tits on prescription painkillers…


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